We Can All Learn Something From The Fish!

Image the fish that live in this beautiful pool of water. They are happy and healthy, because they are living in a pool of water that’s contantly being cleaned and refreshed. Now think of the cells in your body. Your body is over 70% water. That literally means your cells are being bathed in water. If you drink nice, filtered, fresh alkaline-ionized water every day, it’s like giving your cells the healthy advantage that the fish who live in this pool of water have. If you’ve ever cared for fish in a tank or bowl, you’ll know how sensitive they are to unclean, chlorinated water that’s not at the right pH. The fish are so sensitive to the right water they’ll die if you put or keep them in the wrong water.

Your cells are sensitive too, and the way we see the cell reaction to the wrong water is through sickness, allergies, disease, wrinkles, arthristis, cancer, osteoporosis, failing organs, and so on. Now on top of that, add juck-food diets, filled with coffee, soda, etc and you’ve got at recipe for disaster.

It has been discovered that a diseased organ is an acidic one.

Many researches are now claiming that cancer is not a disease, but is the body’s response to an acidic body. There are many conditions that are not what they appear to be, such as allergies, colds, infections, obesity, arthritis, lack of energy, and the list goes on! We are spreading the work about this wonderful water to everyone we can!



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The Site is Under Construction


Eternal Companions

Your animals, like dogs and cats, will also experience the health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water. Like the human body, mammals also prosper from getting better hydration.


by Eternal Alkaline Water